Innovation has been part of the DNA of Font Packaging Group since its inception. This is why, with FONTLAB, we want to create a leading company in Packaging R&D. We are totally convinced that Innovation makes the difference in business.

    New challenges such as Sustainability, Digitization... confront us with the challenges of efficient and flexible production with a total commitment to the environment.

    Our goal is to innovate in all areas of the company, both internally and externally, and to be at the forefront of Innovation in products, processes and services throughout the Packaging industry.

    How do we do it?

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    Creating our own technology, researching new materials, Cooperations with Laboratories and Universities...


    Creating utility models and patents for our products. Font Packaging Group currently has more than 10 active patents and utility models.

    “The proof of an innovation is not its novelty, nor its scientific content, nor the ingenuity of the idea… it is its success in the market."

    - Peter Drucker

    Innovation award-winning products



    Special Mention of the Department of the Environment of the Generalitat

    insupack8 Liderpack

    Isothermal Packaging

    Liderpack Award for the best packaging for food

    bottlepack std 6b_1WPO


    World Stars Award for Best World Packaging

    LUNAS COCHE Liderpack

    Packaging for glass

    Liderpack Award for Best Industrial Packaging

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