CLICKbox 600x400

    KIT 100% made of corrugated cardboard, consisting of a cardboard box and a CLICKpal pallet. ECOLOGICAL: 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. LIGHTWEIGHT: It can be transported by hand, facilitates internal transport and handling both in the loading plant and in use of the receiver. VERSATILE: Can be customized to any shape, size and image. USABILITY: No adhesives, seals or staples are required for assembly. RESISTANT: Its reinforced structure makes it a very resistant corrugated cardboard pallet. SAFETY: It avoids damages and injuries with its use because it does not have splinters, nails and its reduced weight. In addition, there is no need for a cardboard sheet to separate the pallet from the goods. COST: Saves costs in logistics and storage due to its reduced weight and its adjustable format in size and shape. EXPORT: Suitable for use in any country in the world, with no export limit. PRICE: In relation to any NEW pallet, it is more economical. Size 600x400 with customizable height according to the dimensions of the box. Descargar ficha de producto Download Product Sheet