CLICKpal Light

    CLICKpal is a strong 100% corrugated cardboard pallet. ECOLOGICAL: 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. LIGHTWEIGHT: Can be transported by hand. VERSATILE: Can be customized to any shape, size and image. STRONG: Its reinforced structure makes it a very strong corrugated cardboard pallet. The CLICKpal facilitates internal transport and handling both in the loading plant and in use of the receiver. The pallet has a lower loading weight than a wooden or plastic pallet and therefore saves costs in logistics and storage. Thanks to its adjustable size and shape, it reduces the space it occupies in the warehouse. The CLICKpal is a patented model, customizable and manufactured with completely solid blocks without gaps, which makes it a pallet more resistant to stacking and the impact of forklifts. 600x400 - Ligth - up to 100kg (dynamic load) 600x800 - Ligth - up to 200kg (dynamic load) 1200x800 - Ligth - up to 200kg (dynamic load) 1200x1000 - Ligth - up to 200kg (dynamic load) Descargar ficha de producto Download Product Sheet