Paper pads

    The paper pads of our packaging system are the most efficient cushioning paper strips on the market. We have crumpled paper machines to protect and fill, this is the ideal packaging solution for all products. The crumpled paper strips of the PAPERplus paper packaging system protect, secure, fill and wrap. With our crumpled paper machines you can reduce and optimize the consumption of crumpled paper used, thus increasing the efficiency of our paper systems. Our paper machines produce larger volume paper pads, which offer maximum protection. Chevron paper filling system, unique in the market, air cushioned paper tubes that make the maximum volume using the minimum amount of paper. Shooter, a high-speed, economical, clean and recyclable crumpled paper filling system. This machine uses crumpled paper with 100% recycled paper reels, which saves a lot in costs and cares for the environment. Descargar ficha de producto Download Product Sheet